Consent Mode v2 - March 2024 Updates

Learn about the Consent Mode v2 Updates from March 2024


If you currently have a consent banner on your site and have consent mode enabled within your Elevar setup, you may require updates to be compatible with the upcoming consent mode V2 changes expected in March 2024.

What is Changing?

In November 2023, Google announced the launch of Consent Mode v2 to better align it with users’ privacy preferences and regulatory demands in the European Economic Area (EEA).

The updated policy emphasizes stricter adherence to the EU consent policy, especially concerning ad personalization. Starting from March 2024, Google’s enforcement will extend to measurement features and will encompass a broader range of data sources.

Google's consent mode now requires businesses to pass end-user consent choices directly to Google when measuring user behavior via Google tags on websites or apps.

This mode has been updated with two new parameters for more granular control:

  • ad_user_data: For consent on sending user data to Google for advertising purposes
  • ad_personalization: For consent on personalized advertising.

Updates Needed

Your Elevar install needs to be on the Shopify Source:

  • Upgrade to the Shopify Source if you are not already on our latest version.

Guides to update your existing setup with our consent partners:

Other Consent Management Providers:

If you are using another consent management provider that integrates with Google Consent Mode, you may need to make updates. The best course of action is for you to reach out to your consent provider and determine what updates you need to make for default consent values, and/or your consent banner.

Unsure of Your Consent Platform?

If you are unsure about which consent platform you are using, please reach out to your legal and tech team for more details or reach out to the Elevar support team for assistance.