How to send Custom Dimensions via GA4 Server-Side

Learn how to send custom data like Payment Method or Billing Location to GA4 via your Server-Side integration


Note: Available for Elevar's Fully Managed Server Customers Only.

Available Custom Dimensions:

The following data is available to be sent as custom dimension:

  • Order Name - Ex: #1234. If you need to send Order Name (4003238923893) to GA4 in order to send refund data to GA4, you'll also be able to utilize the easier to read Order Name as well.
  • Shipping Method - The title of the shipping method associated with the order. Ex. Standard, Economy, etc.
  • Sales Channel - The source_name of the channel that created the order. Ex: Orders created via the online shopify checkout have a source_name of web. Orders created via Point of Sale have a source_name of pos. [What sales channels do I have?]
  • Payment Method - Ex. shopify_payments, paypal, etc
  • Billing Country - Ex: US
  • Billing Province - Ex: District of Columbia
  • Billing Zipcode - Ex: 20001
  • Billing City - Ex: Washington
  • Shipping Country - Ex: US
  • Shipping Province - Ex: District of Columbia
  • Shipping Zipcode - Ex: 20001
  • Shipping City - Ex: Washington
  • Customer Tags - Ex: VIP, Subscriber
  • Order Tags - Ex: Subscription First Order, Warranty Order


You've installed our Shopify source.
If not, follow our guide, How to Implement the Shopify Source on Your Shopify Store.

Part A: Create a Custom Dimension in GA4

Step 3: Under Property, select Custom Definitions

Step 4: Click Create Custom Dimensions

Step 5: Enter your Custom Dimension Data

  • Dimension Name - the name you'll see in your reports
  • Scope - Choose Event as the scope if you want the data to be associated with specific events. Choose User as the scope if you want that data to be associated with specific users. E.g. Payment Method, Sales Channel, ShippingMethod. Order Name would make sense as Event scoped data. While the location data may make more sense as User scoped data.
  • Description - Optional text that describes the data
  • Event Parameter - a unique text that you'll later input into Elevar. Use lowercase letters. Use _ instead of spaces. E.g. sales_channel, payment_method, billing_zipcode.

Don't forget to press Save!


Note: You will see a value of [not set]for a GA4 custom dimension in the first 48 hours. [Documentation]

Part B: Setup your Custom Dimension in Elevar

Step 1: In Elevar, navigate to My Tracking > GA4

Step 2: Navigate to GA4 Settings in the Setup Steps

Step 3: Under Advanced Options > Select Specify Custom Dimensions

Step 4: Select the Data to Send, your Parameter Name & the Scope

The parameter name you input here must match the Event Parameter you input in GA4 during Part A. Ex: If you chose "sales_channel" in Part A, input "sales_channel" in Elevar.

The scope you select in Elevar must also match the scope you selected in GA4.

Step 5: Click Save

Your changes are now live! Give GA4 24-48 hours to start seeing data available in reports.