How to Remove Previous Attentive Tracking

Remove Previous Tracking

You've just set up your Attentive server-side tracking (yay!), and now you're wondering how to disable your previous client-side tracking. The good news is: you don't need to!

We recommend running our Attentive server-side tracking in tandem with your existing client-side Attentive tracking in order to ensure maximum number of cart/browse abandonment emails sent.

Won't That Mean My Shoppers Will Get Duplicate Texts

Both your Elevar server-side tracking and your Attentive client-side tracking will recognize some of the same users and therefore send the same Add to Cart events to Attentive.

If your Elevar destination is in Test Mode, that means you're sending the Elevar events as Custom Events to Attentive. You can prevent a shopper from getting two texts for a single action by: Setting up a new Journey in Attentive that triggers on the Elevar Custom Event & add logic to the Journey to exclude shoppers who have triggered your client-side Event in the last 2 days. [How to do this?]

If your Elevar destination is in Live Mode, that means you're sending the Elevar events as standard eCommerce events to Attentive. Both events will go into your main Cart/Browse abandonment journey - if Attentive receives duplicate Add to Cart events for a single action, whichever one Attentive receives first will be used in the Attentive Journey. Due to Attentive's Entry Frequency rule that limits how often a subscriber can enter a Journey, the second event will be discarded: