Missing Consent Values Warning

Seeing a missing consent values warning in the browser dev console, these are the actions to take

Are you seeing this warning message in your browser dev console?

If you are seeing this message you want to take action immediately as your data may not be reaching your destinations and there is a mismatch in your configuration and how your site is passing consent values.

How you resolve this warning depends on your current scenario:

You have an active consent banner on your site

In this scenario, you have an active consent banner on your site. The problem is that default or updated consent values are not being passed to your Google Consent Mode. This could be for a variety of different reasons. Steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Review what you've followed in our guide for your recommended consent management provider (CMP). These guides provide instructions on how to enable Google Consent Mode in the CMP, or provide a Google Tag Manager container to import to set defaults.
  2. If you followed our guides and are still seeing this error reach out to your consent management provider for assistance in passing default and updated consent values into Google Consent Mode.

You do not currently have a consent banner on your site for any regions

In this scenario, you have consent enabled within Elevar and do not have consent enabled on your site. You'll want to disable the consent option within Elevar.

Step 1: Disable consent mode in your Shopify Source

In the Elevar App Go to My Tracking and then select the Shopify source card

Step 1 screenshot

Go the consent mode setup step and select No to disable consent mode and Save your update

Step 2 screenshot

Step 2: Ensure that consent is disabled in each destination

Click on your first destination card

Step 3 screenshot

Go to the Consent Mode step and select No.

Step 4 screenshot

If you disabled consent mode for your destination above complete this next step, if your destination consent mode was already disabled you may skip this step.

Go to the Web Container Setup step, follow the instructions for this step to download and import your updated tags into Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Step 5 screenshot

Step 3: Repeat

Repeat Step 2 for each destination you have live