What Are "Potentially Violating Personal Data Sent to Facebook" Errors?

Have you been receiving messages like this in Facebook:

If so then these are not specific to your Facebook Pixel OR CAPI integration.

The majority of pixel integrations require you to send Page URL with the pixel.

These page URLs are sent exactly how they are in the browser like this:

What happens is many third party apps or marketing tracking (like affiliates) will include query parameter strings in the URL like this:

When this happens the URL is sent with your pixel to Facebook.

We are unsure why Facebook is suddenly reporting on this (this practice is nothing new) but imagine they will start requiring the brand (i.e. you) to strip this data before sending it to Facebook.

The issue is their native Pixel (Shopify, GTM etc) does not allow you to set the exact URL sent to Facebook. They pick up on it automatically.

We will keep you updated as we learn more. But there is nothing we can modify for the time being to strip this URL data that comes from third party services at the current time.