How to Remove Previous Tracking

After you launch your new Elevar Tracking, be sure to remove your previous tracking!

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How To Remove Previous Tracking?

There are three places to check for previous tracking:

  1. Native Shopify App - You may have tracking setup via a native Shopify App. To check, look in your _apps _and _sales channels _section in Shopify for apps with the same name as your marketing destinations. Example:

If you do see an app/sales channel with the same name as a marketing destination that you set up, click into that app > find your pixel settings > disable the pixel tracking in the app.

See below for guides on disabling pixel tracking on specific apps!:

  1. Hard Coded Script - You may have to track hard-coded into your theme.liquid, checkout.liquid, other liquid files, or Checkout Settings. The best approach is using a Chrome extension like Tag Explorer to see which tags are firing on your site, and then searching your theme to track down each script and remove it if it's no longer needed.

In your Shopify Theme, you can use Chrome extensions to search all your Theme files for a specific Pixel ID and keyword. I use Shopify Theme File Search by EZFY This Chrome extension will highlight specific theme files if they contain your keyword:

Be sure to delete the script that was hard-coded into your Shopify Theme + save your changes.

Also, check your Checkout Settings (Settings > Checkout and Accounts).

You can do a control + F and search for a Pixel ID or keyword. If you find any associated script in the Additional Scripts section, be sure to remove it.

  1. Google Tag Manager - Finally, check your Google Tag Manager account for previous tracking to remove. You can search for a Pixel ID or keyword in the top search bar like this:

If you do find previous tags in Google Tag Manager, be sure to delete them & then publish your changes.