How To Setup Elevar's Google Pub Sub Integration


Note that the pub sub connector is likely to be used only be technology partners, and clients with a data team that want raw access to our event stream. This connection is unlike any other in that it does not connect the merchant to a channel (like FB) it is a raw export of the event data that Elevar generates, similar to a BQ export from GA4, but without going through GA4


  • This connection works by sending event data from Elevar’s servers into a clients GCP project. In order to facilitate this connection we need the client to perform the following steps.

Setup Process

  1. If you don't already have a Google Cloud Project (GCP) that you'd like to use create a new one in the Google Cloud Platform by following this guide
  2. In your GCP project create a new topic by following this guide and give Elevar’s service account ([email protected]) publisher permissions to the topic. To do this add the IAM role roles/pubsub.publisher to the topic. Information on this can be found here
  3. Provide Elevar with your GCP project name and your topic name
  4. Wait for Elevar to notify you the connection has been enabled
  5. Handle events
    1. Please see a sample GIST here