How to Participate in Facebook/Meta's Channel Lift Study

Learn the incremental impact that Meta has on an advertiser's other paid & organic channels


A Channel Lift study by Meta is designed to measure the incremental impact that advertising on Meta platforms has on an advertiser’s other paid and organic channels. You have likely received notification of this available study from your Meta rep.

Enable the Channel Lift event

To pass the data needed to complete the study, enable the Channel Lift Study event in your Facebook destination. In your Elevar App, go to "My Tracking" and select the Facebook destination card.

Go to the Events Step and select the Channel Lift Study checkbox in the server column. Then Save.

Understanding this event

This event will show in Facebook Event's Manager as ChannelPurchase.

This event passes the same data as the standard Purchase event with the additional parameter of "channel_info" that contains the source and medium of the order. This is the data that will be used to conduct the lift study.

When utm data is found we pass this in the following format:
channel_info: {{utm_source}}_{{utm_medium}}
example: channel_info: google_cpc

When referrer data is found we pass this in following format:
channel_info: {{referral URL}}_referral
example: channel_info: google.com_referral

When no data is found we pass the source from Shopify in following format:
channel_info: direct_{{source_name}}
example: channel_info: direct_Web
example: channel_info: direct_Recharge

Verify your event

When new custom events are passed into Facebook you'll need to wait until the data is received and then verify the custom event in Facebook Business Manager. You'll need to complete this step to view the data within Facebook.

Get your results

Contact your meta rep to notify them that you've enabled this new event and are now passing channel lift data to your dataset/pixel. Your rep will then work with you on when to expect the channel lift study to be completed and what those results mean when available.