Consent Mode Step 3: Customize Server-Side Destinations

Learn how to make your server-side tracking adhere to your collected consent values


Before you can assign Consent per Server-Side Destination, you will need to:

Assign Consent Requirements Per Marketing Destination

Step 1: Navigate to your My Tracking Settings in Elevar

Step 2: Select your Desired Marketing Destination

Step 3: Select Consent Mode > Select Yes, enable for this destination

For GA4 Destination Only

You'll see that your GA4 destination has already been updated to be enabled for consent and you are not able to select No. This is to keep your GA4 tags functioning at their best. GA4 client-side tags immediately begin considering consent when you add a consent banner that supports Google consent mode. For this reason, we update your server-side events to match to avoid distorted data in GA4.

Step 4: Select your desired Consent Categories > Select Save

For GA4 you'll have additional options for sending anonymous data

The recommended option is to send anonymized data to GA4 when a user has denied or not provided consent, this is consistent with the default behavior of Google tags and will provide you with the best performance within Google Analytics.

If you need to add additional [consent categories], or would like to adjust your settings to avoid sending anonymized data, select Customize Settings.

For guidance on how your selections will behave with anonymous data, hover on the tooltips near the built-in and additional column headers.

If you do not want to pass anonymous data select the additional checkboxes for Ad Storage and Analytics Storage.

For all other destinations

[What does ad_storage & stuff mean?]


Step 5: Update your web tags

If your destination has a Web Container Setup step, follow the instructions to update your client-side tags to be consent-aware.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 1-5 for each Marketing Destination where you'd like to set up Consent Mode