How to Update TikTok Pageview Web Tag


TikTok has an updated recommendation on how to send pageview data. We've updated our TikTok Web Tags to match. Follow the below steps to get your TikTok web tags to use the new recommended format:


Caution: If you're using your own server for server-side tracking, please also disable the TikTok pageview event in your GTM Server Container. For those using Elevar's Fully Managed server, the empty view content event being sent server-side as a pageview event has already been removed.

Step 1: Download the Web Container from your TikTok Destination

Step 2: Import into GTM

Import this container to your GTM Web Container Guide

Step 3: Delete the "TikTok - Page View" Tag

Why? The new TikTok tags you've imported combine the pageview event with the Sitewide Pixel tag. So if you didn't delete this tag, you'd get duplicate pageview event tracking.

Step 4: Publish GTM

Publish GTM Guide