How To Add Websites to Your Company

This provides an introduction into Elevar's company and website hierarchy.

What are companies and websites in Elevar?

Your Elevar Account, or Company, is where you manage all of your account settings. A company can have one or more websites associated to it within Elevar.

Your Company should be the name of your business, such as 'Best Skin Care Products LLC'. Then, you can add one or multiple websites under your company's umbrella, such as:

  • Multi-language websites
  • Multiple brands under same company
  • Staging and production websites

How do I add a new company or website in Elevar?

When you first login, you'll see this screen below:

From here you can add a completely new company and/or new website to your account by clicking the + Add New Website, or + Add a new Company & Website links.

Each website can have its own GTM account connected to it that you can configure you finish adding the new company or website and entering in the initial setup information.

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