3.18 July 2nd, 2024

This release includes enhancements to subscription vs one-time order tracking, Reddit as a new public Beta, and TikTok/Postscript/Sendlane officially out of beta.

3.17.2 June 17th, 2024

On this latest update, we'll start storing Klaviyo's _kx parameter in local storage & order notes. If there is no email or phone number available to send to Klaviyo but the _kx parameter is available, then we'll send events with the _kx parameter. This allows Klaviyo to identify the user even if Elevar doesn't have an email/phone.

3.17 May 29th, 2024

This release includes the ability to send discount data to GA4. You can also send the email sign up event server-side to Meta. In addition, you can include filtering logic based upon the app_id of an order (e.g. to exclude all app orders regardless of the payment method used). Finally, we've added enhancements to our DataLayer Debugger tool for our Headless and Non-Shopify merchants.

3.16 Apr 30th, 2024

Migrate to our Custom Pixel script and get your Elevar tracking fully compatible with Shopify's Checkout + Thank You Extensibility with this release. In addition, this release includes support for Meta's Channel Lift Study, the ability to send custom NewCustomerPurchase events server-side, as well as Pepperjam + Commission Junction (CJ) available as a public betas.

3.15 Apr 1st, 2024

This release introduces a better way to send new vs returning user data server-side. It also includes the option to use a Custom Pixel script instead of the Order Status Page script if on Checkout + Thank You Extensibility, as well as Bing + Sendlane available as a public betas.

3.14.4 Mar 12th, 2024

This update includes changes around user data + currency code with the Custom Pixel script, as well as the addition of Enhanced Conversions for our Bing server-side beta.

3.14 Feb 29th, 2024

Introducing Attribution Elongation: Send more attributable conversions to marketing destinations. This release also includes updates to our Google Ads destination for Google Consent Mode v2, as well as Partnerize + Postscript available as a public betas.

3.13 Jan 24th, 2024

This release includes enhancements to prevent Elevar's tracking from being blocked by ad blockers. It also includes updates to our Google Consent Mode v2 & GA4 integration, as well as Taboola available as a public beta.

3.12 Dec 19th, 2023

This release includes the launch of Awin, Rakuten, and Pub/Sub as new server-side destinations.

3.11 Dec 11th, 2023

This release includes support for the new vs returning user data, releasing Attentive as a public beta integration, the ability to send a subscribe (subscription purchase) event server-side, and the ability to segment subscription vs one-time vs recurring orders in GA4.