3.10 Nov 9th, 2023

This release includes the ability to customize consent fallback logic for server-side & session enrichment tracking in case a consent banner does not provide consent values. It also includes an update where the server purchase event includes the best possible data available both client-side and server-side. Plus the release of a Postscript Private Beta integration (limited seats available).

3.9 Oct 12th, 2023

This release introduces our new Shopify Source (a.k.a. App Theme Embed) which gives you auto-updates to your data layer. It also includes the ability to have multiple pixels per destination, track product list views as you scroll, capture product list views on infinite load collection pages & three new developer betas: Iterable, Sendlane, & PubSub.

Bug Fix Sept 12th, 2023

An update to ensure that the action-based server-side checkout funnel events consistently send the GA4 cookie value as the Client ID.

v3.8 Aug 22nd, 2023

This release includes Consent Mode for Session Enrichment, updates to the Impact Radius integration, and the ability to order tags/customer tags to GA4.

v3.7 Aug 1st, 2023

This release includes Elevar's Checkout Extensibility Integration, checkout funnel events for non-plus stores, and the ability to send offline orders (like recurring orders) to GA4 with source/medium overrides

v3.6 July 20th, 2023

This release includes the ability to delete shopper data from Session Enrichment, Outbrain as a public beta, Attentive & Partnerize as new hidden developer betas, and filtering out bot traffic from server-side hits.

v3.5.3 July 5th, 2023

Updates to All Order Notes Offsite to ensure as many orders have attribution as possible.

v3.5 June 20th, 2023

This release includes updates for Google Analytics, Facebook, GA4 destinations. Updates to events and the sunset of web tag monitoring.

v3.4 May 24th, 2023

This release includes Klaviyo server-side destination, an additional Data Layer event (dl_subscribe), and visibility changes for session enrichment and channel accuracy.

v3.3 May 15th, 2023

This release contains new server-side betas for AWIN, Rakuten, Taboola. Enhancements to our server infrastructure, session enrichment, server events logs, and our event builder Chrome extension. Destination updates to remove Criteo, newly added custom dimensions for Universal Google Analytics (UA), removal of depreciated Shopify value references, and adding subscription configuration to all destinations.