How To Create Facebook Conversion API Token

Learn where to find your Conversion API token in order to launch your server side tracking.

Generating your Facebook Conversion API Token

Head on over to your Facebook Business Manager to configure your conversion API.


You need to be an admin on your business manager and have developer access to complete these steps. [View & Edit Permissions in Meta Business Manager]

Navigate to Events Manager:

Select the Pixel you'd like to set up Facebook Conversion API for and go to your Settings tab:

Then scroll down to the Conversion API section. You should see two options:

  1. Get Started
  2. Generate Access token (text link shown below)

You can follow either process. The "Get Started" option has a guide to select events and user parameters, but not required in order for your CAPI integration to work.


If you want to follow the full Get Started process then skip to the Get Started Configuration at bottom of page.

Here's the fastest way to get your FB Token.

Click this:


Don't see the 'Generate Access Token' link? This button is hidden unless you have Developer Access in Facebook Business Manager. [View & Edit Permissions in Meta Business Manager]

Once you click Generate Access Token you should see this:

That's it! You've successfully created your FB token for the FB CAPI.

Optional Get Started Configuration

If you decide to walk through the individual event and parameter configuration then this is what your selections should look like:

Select Events:

And this is the parameter selection options:

That's it!