How To Use Pandectes Consent Management With Elevar's Google Consent Mode Integration

Install Pandectes on your Shopify store and integrate with Elevar's GTM Google Consent Mode

Pandectes offers a consent management platform specifically built for Shopify. This allows users to install an app in Shopify that manages the complexities of GDPR and CCPA compliance. Pandectes is a popular consent platform because of its focus on Shopify vendors, and its easy installation process. Together, Pandectes and Elevar have built seamless integration, that allows you to take advantage of the Pandectes consent management platform and combine it with Elevar's web and server side tagging solution.

Getting Setup With Pandectes + Elevar

Before you can begin your Pandectes specific setup, you will need to:

Update your Pandectes Settings for Elevar

Depending on your current banner settings you may need to make adjustments, review this guide from Pandectes on what to review to ensure your setup is compatible with Elevar.

Import Pandectes Container to GTM

Click here to be taken to the Pandectes pre-built tags.

Once you download the pre-built container, import the tags in Google Tag Manager. How do I do this?

Assign Default Consent Status

In your Pre-Built Consent Tags, there is a section where you can choose to allow certain cookies to fire before the shopper grants or denies consent. Please select your desired default consent status before the user visitor provides a consent status. [What do these consent types mean?]


Typically, the default statuses will vary by your region and legal requirements if you have opt-in or opt-out requirements. Elevar does not offer legal advice regarding GDPR or any consent compliance. Please consult your legal team if unsure.

Publish Your Changes in GTM

Click Submit in GTM to publish your changes.

Next Up: Assign Requirements for Client-Side and Server-Side Tracking

You've enabled consent and added the Pandectes GTM containers. Now you need to make your client side tags and server-side tracking consent aware. Follow these guides to complete the setup.

Bonus: Blocking Scripts Loaded Directly In Shopify (Not In Google Tag Manager)

You may have certain scripts on your site that load directly from your Shopify theme. For example, you may have Klaviyo app installed in Shopify. If this is the case you'll need to block this separately. Anything that does not load from GTM will need explicit blocking through Pandectes. To accomplish this you'll need to write a regex for the urls these tags send information too, or contact Pandectes directly to have them do this for you.