Can I use Elevar's Server if my Website is Headless?


As of March 2023, Headless websites can now use Elevar's Fully Managed Server for server-side tracking! This allow headless merchants to:

  • No longer need to allocate resources to managing a server. Let Elevar manage your server for you.
  • No longer pay additional costs to Google Cloud Platform for hosting your server.
  • Take advantage of Elevar's newer server-side destinations, which are only available if you're using Elevar's Fully Managed Server. (Pinterest CAPI, Smartly, & more to come)


For a headless customer to use Elevar's Fully Managed Server, they must use subdomains. This will not work if you require cross domain tracking.

In order for our servers to accept the data layer hits that you send, they must come from the main domain that you noted in the Non-Shopify Attribution Source or a subdomain of that main domain. This is why cross domain tracking is not supported.

Why Don't I See Order Notes in Shopify?

If you need a refresher on what Order Notes are and why they are used, read this.

Headless customer's using Elevar's Fully Managed server will not have order notes appear in their Shopify Admin. They will all be stored offsite by Elevar.