Why do I see a warning message in the Meta Pixel Helper?

What is this new warning message?

You may have noticed a warning message similar to the following appear in the Meta Pixel Helper:

We began to see this warning message after Meta updated the pixel helper to include the "Set Up Events" feature when using pixel code other than Meta's standard out of the box script.

How does Elevar's tag setup differ from Meta's standard script? Our pre-built Facebook tags pass an external_id to help with Meta's advanced matching. We've found that removing the external_id removes the warning, even though we are passing external_id according to Meta's documentation.

How can I confirm my pixel events are still working?

How can you know that this is just a bug with Meta's pixel helper, and your pixel events are still working? Here are 3 options to check!

Option 1: Green Checkmarks

You will still see your pixel events show up in the pixel helper with a green check mark by them in addition to the warning message.

Option 2: Network Hits

If you check for Network hits (right click -> Inspect), you can see the Meta hits with a 200 status.

Option 3: Meta's Events Manager

You can still see events coming through in Meta's Event Manager.

So if you still see your events working - this warning is nothing to worry about! You can rest assured that your Elevar setup is just sending more information than Meta's pixel helper is expecting.