How to Implement the Shopify Source on Your Shopify Store

Follow this guide for Plus, Non-Plus, and Headless Shopify Stores

Ready to set up your Shopify Data Source follow along and we'll have it installed in a jiffy!

Begin Shopify Source Setup

Navigation to My Tracking in your Elevar App.

Click the Set Up button in Shopify card in the Source column


Review the Overview and click Get Started.

GTM & Data Layer

Review your GTM Container ID is accurate

By default we select the most common data layer events, expand the Event Breakdown and review if you would like to make any adjustments. For details on any of the events, hover on the info icon.

[Optional] Enable Consent Mode Integration

If you are using a consent banner that integrations with Google Consent Mode and would like to make your tracking consent aware, select Yes, and follow the set up documentation links for your consent provider found in app.

Otherwise, just leave the default settings "No" and click "Mark as Complete & Continue" and continue to the next step, Prepare Your Store

[Optional] Select Consent Fallback

When no consent is provided you may wish to provide default consent selections for your server-side events to fallback on. If no selections are made here, server-side events will be ignored when no consent is provider. If selections are made here, we will assume that the selected options have been provided when consent has been captured.


Legal requirements will vary by regions and if you have opt-in or opt-out requirements. Elevar does not offer legal advice regarding GDPR or any consent compliance. Please consult your legal team if unsure if you should make fallback selections

Prepare Your Store

Remove any GTM script you existing on your Shopify store. This may be found in your theme.liquid, your additional analytics javascript, theme snippets, or customer events. GTM is included with your Elevar scripts so you'll want to remove your other GTM script to avoid duplication.

Unsure if you GTM installed currently, review our article on How to check if GTM script is on your site.

Once you are ready click Mark as Complete & Continue.

Configure Checkout Script

Follow the steps on page. Click Mark as Complete after you've completed the steps

Final Step - Activate the App Theme Embed

Click Go to Shopify

This will install the App Theme Embed and bring you into the customization of your current live theme. The embed will be activated, but you'll need to save to save this setting.

Confirm your App Embed is enabled

Return to the Elevar App. If you see the Detect on Live Theme message. You are all set!

You'll know you've enabled the App Embed code when you return to our App and see the following:

Post Purchase Upsells

If you have post-purchase upsells that occur between completing the payment and the thank you page follow our guide on how to track post-purchase upsells.

Code Repositories

If you are using a code repository you may have additional updates to you make. Reach out to your dev team for help if you are unsure how to make these updates.

Update your Code Repo to Ensure the App Theme Embed Stays Enabled

You only need to complete this step if your settings_data.json file is included in your repo, and your code repo does not automatically pull updates from your live theme into your repo.

Your settings_data.json file now contains this block to enable to enable your Elevar Configurations via the App Theme Embed. It is important that this block is included in your settings_data.json file and the disabled value is set to false. If you include your settings_data.json file in your code repo, I would recommend updating the entire file to match your live theme.

That's it. You're Shopify Source is Installed!

What’s Next

Next up: Configure your destinations