Why Have My Elevar In App Connections To Google Been Lost or Removed?

Although losing these connections is an annoyance, your tracking won't be affected.

Your connections to Google can be seen in the Elevar app under settings > connections. During onboarding the connections needed for your implementation are setup and help us communicate with GA, and your GTM containers.

These connections are maintained by Elevar storing a token from Google and using that token for access to your Google accounts. This token can be revoked or expire. For example, password changes to connected accounts will immediately expire the token. If Elevar is removed from your trusted apps in Google the token will no longer work. Tokens can also expire based on time. If this issue occurs, you'll notice that instead of the connection buttons being hidden they will display as can be seen below.

If you've noticed this has happened in you Elevar account, the quick fix is to reconnect any channels that are displaying the connect button.

Fortunately, if your token stops working, your Elevar tracking won't be affected. The only issue you'll face is that you will lose the ability to import tags from the Elevar Chrome extension

If you notice you've lost a connection in the app, simply reconnect the appropriate channels by clicking the connect button.