How To Use Pre-Built GTM Tag Containers

We have a growing list of pre-configured containers that you can download and import into your Google Tag Manage(GTM) account. This can save you time and effort, as you don't need to create the tags from scratch.

Getting Started:

Check out this video which will walk you through using Elevar's pre-built containers.

How to Find Pre-Built Tags:

Go to your Elevar App > Pre-Built Tags:

From here, you can search for any of the existing marketing destinations or supplementary tag containers we have available.

All of the triggers and variables are mapped to the Elevar Data Layer foundation. If you haven't installed the Data Layer yet, follow this guide to install our Shopify source. Our data layer is incorporated into our Shopify source.

You can view all of the tags, triggers, and variables inside of each pre-built tag:

How to Import Pre-Built Tags:

  1. [Optional] Input your unique pixel ID if applicable.

  1. Download the pre-built container from the Elevar app. These files will always end with the .json extension.

  1. Go to your Google Tag Web Manager container > click Admin > then click Import Container
  1. Click 'Choose Container file' and select the .json file you downloaded from the Elevar app
  1. Choose an existing workspace or create a new workspace.
  1. IMPORTANT Choose 'Merge' then 'Overwrite conflicting tags, triggers and variables'

πŸŽ‰ You will now see the tags, triggers, and variables imported in your Workspace Changes! πŸŽ‰

  1. Select _Confirm _to import the tags.

Import Additional Tags

Inside your Elevar account you can download any of our 40+ additional containers here:

Follow the same process to download and import into your GTM container as you performed in the previous step.

How to Update Variables in GTM:

  1. In Google Tag Manager go to *Folders > UPDATE AFTER IMPORTING__
  2. You should see variables in this folder that you have to update (GA, Facebook Pixel, etc)
  3. Remove the Update After Elevar Import text in the name of the variable.
  4. Update the variable with each respective ID (for example, see GA image below). [_Note: If you added in your unique ID before downloading your pre-built tags, your ID will already be inputted.]
  5. Save and you're all set!

How to Publish Changes in GTM:

In your workspace, select Submit

Select Publish