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Additional Consent Check Options:

  • Require additional consent for tag to fire: This tag will only fire if the status of all of the specified consent types is 'granted' when the tag is triggered.
  • No additional consent required: Select this option to indicate that your tag does not need to check for additional consent in order to fire. You may choose to use this option to distinguish tags that you have decided need no additional consent from tags that you have not yet reviewed.
  • Not Set: Works exactly the same as the No additional consent required option, but shows up as Consent Not Configured in GTM's Consent Overview. Essentially allows you to distinguish tags that you have not yet reviewed from those that don't require consent.

Required Consent Options / Consent Categories:

Consent TypeDescriptionNotes/Examples
ad_storageEnables storage (such as cookies/local storage and indexed DB) related to advertisingFacebook will store a cookie called _fbc which ties the Facebook ad click to the interactions and events on the site
ad_user_dataSets consent for sending user data related to advertising to Google
ad_personalizationSets consent for personalized advertising
analytics_storageEnables storage (such as cookies/local storage and indexed DB) related to analytics e.g. visit durationGoogle Analytics stores a cookie called _ga that associates the user with actions on the site
functionality_storageEnables storage that supports the functionality of the website or app e.g. language settingsWhen a user selects a currency from a currency picker, the tool will typically store a cookie
personalization_storageEnables storage related to personalization e.g. video recommendationsProduct recommendations app may store a list of all products viewed during your visit
security_storageEnables storage related to security such as authentication functionality, fraud prevention, and other user protectionThis is always set to true

Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm not sure how to legally setup my Consent Mode tracking?

If you are uncertain about how to setup your consent tracking, Elevar advises that you both connect with a lawyer for legal advice as well as connect with your marketing destination to understand when/how they store information on your website.

Why use Elevar's Consent Mode instead of what is already out there?

You can't have consent aware server-side tracking without it! Standard consent management techniques aren't supported in any server setup (that we know of!). If you want consent aware server-side hits, you'll need to use Elevar's Consent Mode.

Google's Consent Mode isn't supported by Cookiebot or OneTrust (despite what they claim). Why is Google's Consent Mode great? It still allows some tracking with Google tags even for opted out users, and it greatly simplifies the container setup. It also gives you a very fine grained control of each tags consent settings in the Google Tag Manager's User Interface.

Will this work if my Consent Banner is hardcoded into my Shopify Theme?

No. Your Consent Banner script needs to be located in GTM.

The Pre-Built Elevar tags will add the Consent Banner script to your website for you. You just need to input your Cookiebot/OneTrust IDs.

I added consent to my Google Analytics/GA4 tags and they are still firing?

Google's tags will always fire regardless of the consent status of the shopper. If consent isn't granted, the Google tags will fire but they will not store any cookies in the visitors’ browser (_ga and gid).

Can I Change the Built-In Consent of the Google Analytics Tags?

Google does not allow you to remove the Built-In Consent of it's Google Tags, but you can add additional consent requirements to these tags (i.e. requiring security_storage).

  • (See Figure 1)

Step 1 screenshot

Figure 1

What happens if the Built-In Consent in my Google Tag is different than what I manually specified?

Say you manually specify the ad_storage consent requirement for your GA4 tag. But GA4 has both the ad_storage & analytics_storage built-in.

The tag would still require both the ad_storage & analytics_storage to be consented to before working as expected.

  • (See Figure 2)

Step 1 screenshot

Figure 2

What happens if the user accepts ad_storage but not the analytic_storage & a tag has a flag for both the ad_storage and analytic_storage?

Both cookie types will need to be consented to for the tag to fire.

How will enabling Consent Mode affect my GA4 data?

To reduce the impact of consent mode on GA4 data, GA4 will be doing behavioral modeling. Essentially meaning it will fill the data gap by modeling the behavior of users who decline analytics cookies based on the behavior of similar users who accept analytics cookies. Learn more here.


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