How to Analyze Before/After Results of Facebook


You've just set up Facebook tracking via Elevar - Yay!

But now you want to see the impact on CPC & ROAS in Facebook.

After you've been running your Facebook campaigns via Elevar's tracking for at least 7 days (but ideally 1 month), follow the below steps to set up a before/after report in Facebook Ads Reporting.

How to Set Up a Before/After Report in Facebook

Step 1: Navigate to Ads Manager

Start in Business Settings > Click on Ads Manager in your Navigation Bar

Step 2: Access Ads Reporting

Within Ads Manager, select ads reporting to begin your analysis journey.

Step 3: Create Your Report

Select Create Report

Add a title like "MERCHANT NAME: Pre vs Post Server-side Tracking" & select your Ad Account. Then select Create.

Step 4: Set up your date range and metrics

Choose the Pivot Table layout > press Continue.

Edit the date range so that:

  1. The selected date range starts the day after you switched your Facebook tracking to Elevar (Tip: you can find this date in your History settings in Elevar)
  2. The Compare setting is enabled

Remove Ad Set Name from the Breakdown column

Edit the Metrics column so that only the metrics you care about are displayed. For example, I removed:

  • Amount spent
  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Results
  • Delivery
  • Frequency
  • Attribution Settings
  • Schedule

And then I enabled:

  • CPC
  • CPM

This means that the report only shows Cost per Result, CPC, and CPM to compare the before/after:

Step 5: Analyze the Results

Look for a reduction in CPC, CPA, and CPM and/or increases in ROAS to indicate a successful optimization.


This is before/after analysis which doesn't take natural changes in business into context.