How to Set Up Voluum via Elevar Server-Side Destination.

Follow this step by step guide to launching your Voluum API integration!


Before you can enable your Voluum API Destination, you will need to:


Update Voluum links to pass the Click ID with a "vlmcid" query parameter.

Our integration looks for a click ID value of "vlmcid" and not "cid". Please update your links to pass vlmcid={clickid} so that our server events can send Voluum the associated click ID with a purchase event.
[Voluum Documentation]

Step 1: Navigate to the Voluum Server-Side Install Wizard in your Elevar App

  1. In your Elevar App, navigate to My Tracking > Select Add Destination > Find and select Voluum.

  1. You'll be taken to an Overview Page, select Get Started

Step 2: If applicable, Enable Consent Mode

If consent is required, follow these steps to enable consent mode & select your consent categories.

If consent is not required, select Save & Continue.

Step 3: Select your Transaction Identifier

This step allows you to customize what transaction identifier to send with your Voluum purchase events. Order Number is the most commonly used transaction identifier for Voluum & we've selected this for you by default.

Step 3: Block Transactions

This step allows you to control exactly what purchase events are sent to Voluum's API. You can block orders based on Source Channel Names, Order Tags or Order Gateways. Best practice is the default that will block exchange orders.

Two common scenarios where you may want to block orders are: recurring orders & offline orders. Learn how to block these orders in this guide.

Not sure if you need to block orders? Look at what Sales Channels you have in Shopify!

Step 4: Subscriptions

If you sell subscriptions you'll determine if you want to send recurring orders. Make your selections based on the type of checkout you utilize for subscriptions. If you do not have subscriptions select No and Save & Continue

Step 5: Add in Your Voluum Domain URL

  1. Add in your Voluum Domain URL

  2. Select Save & Continue

Step 6: Push the Tracking Live

Select Go Live on the Overview Page to launch your new Voluum tracking.

Step 7: Remove Previous Tracking

Remove any previous Voluum tracking you had in place pointed to the Domain URL you just configured to avoid duplication.