Pebble Post

How to Implement Pebble Post Pixel/Web Tracking via Google Tag Manager

Step 1: Overview

Without a single line of code and done in minutes, Elevar helps you implement your Pebblepost sitewide conversion tracking for Shopify stores through Google Tag Manager using the most up-to-date requirements from each platform.

Connect online intent with postal addresses to reach consumers at home with relevant mail via Pebblepost.

Learn more about Pebblepost here.

Step 2: Install Data Layer to Your Store

Install our dataLayer & Shopify Source through your Elevar App. Follow our guide on How to Implement the Shopify Source.

Step 3: Download Container for GTM

Inside of your Elevar account, go to Pre Built Tags > Pebblepost.

Update your pixel ID in the tag settings shown below.

Download the container and save to your computer.

Step 4: Import Container to GTM

Next up, go to your Google Tag Manager container > Admin > Import.

Be sure to select Merge container, not overwrite.

Once you’ve imported, verify your site ID variable is accurate.

Step 5: QA & Publish

Once you’re ready to go live then put GTM into preview mode to QA and then publish to go live!