How to Remove Universal Analytics from Google Tag Manager

With Universal Analytics being sunset, remove your UA tags from GTM to help with site speed


Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics on July 1st, 2023 for standard users. If you are a 360 customer, you get an extra year and Universal Analytics will be sunset on July 1st, 2024. [Google Article]

When Universal Analytics stops working for you, you should delete any UA tags from Google Tag Manager because:

  • They are unnecessary
  • It will help with site speed (any unnecessary tags/triggers/variables increase the load size of your GTM container)
  • It will clean up your view in Google Tag Manager

How to Remove Universal Analytics Tags in GTM

Log into Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Navigate to Tags

Search for "Google Analytics: Universal Analytics"

This will show you any tag with the type of "Google Analytics: Universal Analytics"

Delete the Universal Analytics tags

Select all that tags that appeared in your search > Press the Trash Icon

Publish your changes

What Other UA References Could I Delete in GTM?


For this, sort your triggers based upon the number of tag references:

And delete any triggers that are referenced in 0 tags.


You can delete any Google Analytics Settings Variables.

And any Constant UA ID variable like the below:


If you have any empty folders after deleting all these tags/triggers/variables, you can delete those folders.

How to Remove Universal Analytics Server-Side Tracking

To remove your UA server-side tracking, simply delete the destination in your app. [How do I do that?]


If you're using your own GTM server container instead of Elevar's server, you'll need to delete the UA Tag and/or Client in your Server Container.