How to Disable Klaviyo Base Snippet from the Native App in Shopify

If your Klaviyo Base Snippet is installed via the native app, learn how to remove the Base Snippet when moving the tracking to Google Tag Manager.

If you are launching the Klaviyo Base Snippet & Event Tracking via GTM & Elevar then you must disable the Klaviyo Base Snippet from firing from the native Klaviyo <> Shopify integration.


The Klaviyo app must always remain installed. Never uninstall the Klaviyo app. Base script, product view, and add to cart events can be moved to GTM.

Step 1: Navigate to your Shopify Theme Customization Settings

In Shopify, navigate to Online Store > Themes.

Select _Customize _next to your desired Shopify Theme.

Step 2: Navigate to the App Embeds Section

Select the App Embeds icon as pointed out below.

Step 3: Toggle the Klaviyo Onsite Javascript off