How to Create a TikTok Pixel

For use with our server-side TikTok destination

TikTok Server Side Events Require Special Attention When Creating Your Pixel In the TikTok Platform

In order to accurately track TikTok server side events you must be using TikTok pixel created within TikTok and not generated through the Shopify integration. In most cases, if you've been tracking with the native Shopify TikTok integration you'll find that your pixel is created using the Shopify Method. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed, and you'll need to create a new pixel.

To check whether your TikTok pixel is a Shopify Method pixel, you can tell if the name of your pixel is using the naming convention 'TikTok Pixel for Shopify 0000000000'. If it possible that you have changed the name of you pixel you can also confirm the setup using the TikTok pixel helper in your browser when viewing a product page that triggers the View Content event. Expand this event and look for the Setup Method. If it says Shopify Method this will confirm you'll need to create a new pixel.

To create a new pixel please follow part 1 of TikTok's guide here. Please be sure to select 'TikTok Pixel' in step 4 of the guide, and select 'Custom Code' in step 7.