How to Add Elevar to TikTok Business Manager

If you would like to add Elevar to view your Events Manager Assets, please follow these steps:


Note: You will need Admin in TikTok Business Manager in order to complete the below steps.

Step 1: Log into TikTok Business Manager

TikTok Business Manager

Step 2: Navigate to Members > Click Invite Member

Step 3: Add [email protected] as a Standard User

In the Email Address field, type [email protected] > Select Standard > Click Invite.

Step 4: Assign Access to Events Manager

If TikTok asks you to select the desired assets you'd like to assign [email protected], be sure to give Elevar access to your Events Manager.


Does Tiktok's interface look different than what's listed above? Tiktok might have updated their steps! If that's the case, follow Tiktok's Add Users to TikTok Business Center instead.