How to Grant Elevar Customer Data Access from Shopify


As of 3.15, Elevar can send more accurate new vs returning purchaser data with your server purchase events.

The Old Way:

  • Pulls data from Shopify's liquid or web pixel property
  • Not consistent data due to Shopify's 15-minute delay in updating after a new order has been create
  • Web Pixel only populates a value when a user is logged in
  • Only sends data for online store orders

The New Way:

  • Pulls order count data offline directly from Shopify
  • 95%+ accuracy when compared to Shopify
  • Sends data regardless of whether the user is logged in
  • Sends data for offline store orders (like POS, recurring, etc)
  • *Note: affects server-side events only

To start benefiting from this new feature, simply grant your Elevar app the required customer permissions from Shopify as shown below.

Step 1: Upgrade to our Latest Plan Options

If you're not already on a Starter, Essentials, Growth, Business or Enterprise plan, then upgrade to get access to this new feature.

You can see what plan you're on and upgrade by navigating to your Manage Plan Settings.

Step 2: Login to Shopify

Login by navigating to

Step 3: Navigate to the Elevar App

Under Apps > find and click Elevar

Step 4: Press Update to Grant Customer Data Access