Why is my GA4 Purchase Tag Paused in GTM?

Noticed you have a GA4 purchase tag in Google Tag Manager(GTM) that is paused? Find out why below

Is Your GA4 Purchase Tag Paused?

If you are seeing your GA4 - Purchase Tag paused in Google Tag Manager (GTM). This is most likely because you are sending your Purchase event server-side through the Elevar App. By design your purchase event is sent either client side from the web browser or server-side from the server and not both. Sending the purchase event from both would result in duplicated purchases in GA4.

Confirm how you are sending you are sending your events

In your Elevar App go to My Tracking and click the GA4 card under DESTINATIONS

Select Events from the Setup Steps. Expand the Event Breakdown drop down.

In this example shown you can see the Purchase event is set to be sent server-side. If server-side is selected your GTM tag is expected to be paused. If web is selected then your GTM tag is expected to be active.


This isn't the same for every destination. Facebook actually prefers getting one server event and one client event as they will deduplicate the data after it's sent to them. In this case you'll see both available or selected for events in this view

Can I delete the paused Purchase Tag from GTM?

If you have confirmed you are sending your GA4 purchase event server-side you may delete the paused purchase GTM tag if you would prefer.