How to Locate and Generate Pinterest Access Token

Learn how to locate and generate Pinterest Access Token


Learn how to generate a Pinterest Access Token in order to launch your server-side tracking

How to Locate and Generate Pinterest Access Token

Conversions Settings:

  • Log in to your Pinterest Ads Manager.
  • Begin on your Pinterest Ads Manager Account homepage. Locate and click on the "Pinterest" button in the upper-left hand corner of the page.
    • Use the top menu to navigate to the "Manage business" section and click on the "Conversions" tab.
      • (See Figure 1)

Step 1 screenshot

Figure 1

Generate Conversion Access Token:

  • Once in the Conversions settings, use the left-hand menu navigate to the "Conversion API" tab. An additional drop-down menu will appear, click on the "Set up API" tab.
  • After clicking on the "Set up API" tab, you will be brought to a separate page titled "Set up Conversions API".
    • Navigate to the section of the page titled "Generate conversion access token".
    • Click on the button labeled "Generate new token".
      • (See Figure 2)

Step 2 screenshot

Figure 2

Locate Access Token:

  • After clicking on the "Generate New Token" you will be provided with a new access token.
  • When using this access token with Elevar, be sure to include the "pina_" at the beginning of the token.
    • (See Figure 3)

Step 3 screenshotFigure 3