Buxton + Elevar Change - Where Can I Learn More?

Learn the answers to commonly asked questions about Buxton / Elevar.


On January 17th, 2024, Elevar announced that it's joining forces with Buxton. Buxton's partnership with Elevar means exciting news for customers. Together, they create a powerful combination, offering personalized marketing strategies and exceptional customer journey experiences.

Despite the changes, Elevar assures customers that their support remains top-notch. This collaboration not only enhances capabilities but also promises innovative solutions tailored to customer needs. To read more on announcement, click here.

In the coming weeks we will be sharing more about the product enhancements rolling out.


Will my Elevar tracking change?

No. You will still receive the best conversion tracking available in the Shopify ecosystem!

Is my plan changing?

No, there is no change in your plan rolling out with this announcement.

Is the Elevar team changing?

No! Your Elevar team is not going anywhere. Elevar and Buxton teams will continue to operate independently while collaborating on product enhancements.

How does Buxton fit with Elevar?

Buxton is what we call the "Elevar for offline + retail data". Think purchase intent data, behavioral data, psychographic data, movement patterns, and much more.

Buxton is a global leader in retail analytics with an impressive 30-year legacy of empowering retailers with insights into customer behavior and location intelligence solutions.

Learn more about how Buxton utilizes demographic, psychographic, and purchasing behavior data to optimize retail operations.

Are there similarities between Elevar and Buxton?

Both Elevar and Buxton have customer behavioral and journey analytics at the center of their products.

Why is this acquisition happening?

This acquisition allows us to be one step closer to fulfilling the vision of helping brands strengthen their online and offline relationship with their customers through the power of analytics.

Elevar's eCommerce expertise and solutions complement Buxton's current product suite and unlocks opportunities for future solution development.

Are there Elevar clients currently using Buxton?

Yes, some retailers use both platforms already.

How will this benefit existing Elevar clients?

Elevar and Buxton coming together creates an multichannel powerhouse.

This collaboration empowers you to curate exceptional customer journeys and have personalized 1:1 marketing strategies.

When will these new product enhancements be available for me?

If you're interested in participating in our early pilot program please contact [email protected] with the subject line "Pilot Program" and Brad (our Founder) will reach out.