Getting Started With Server-Side Tracking in Elevar

Learn about your options to get server-side tracking up and running.

The world of server-side tracking will continue to evolve in 2023:

  • More cookie restrictions go into place
  • Client-side tracking accuracy continues to decline leaving marketers looking for answers
  • Compliance requirements grow
  • Consent management integrations adapting to server-side tracking environments
  • Marketing platforms offering new API integrations that don't exist today (think "Conversion API" for __)

If you are still exploring server-side tracking then you might want to read these guides first:

Getting Started

Once you navigate to your My Tracking settings, you'll be presented with a welcome screen and steps to set up your integrations.

You handle all of the configuration of your source (e.g. orders via Shopify webhooks) and destinations (e.g. Facebook Conversion API) directly in your My Tracking dashboard:

We provide all of the advanced configurations you need to ensure you have at least a 95% accuracy in your server-side destinations (plus we monitor and tell you if tracking ever drops below 95%).