How to Set Up CookieBot Consent Mode with Elevar's Google Consent Mode Integration

Your are ready to enable consent mode within Elevar and are using CookieBot as your consent provider

Elevar's Consent Mode in compatible CookieBot. This setup allows you to add your Consent Banner onto your website + provides a building block for your server-side tracking to listen for a shopper's consent. After importing them, you'll be able to customize your consent rules per marketing destination


Before you can begin your CookieBot specific setup, you will need to:

Import CookieBot Container to GTM

Click here to be taken to the CookieBot pre-built tags.

Add in your Cookiebot Domain Group ID [How to find this?]

Select Download Container

Once you download the pre-built container, import the tags in Google Tag Manager. How do I do this?

Assign Default Consent Status

In your Pre-Built Consent Tags, there is a section where you can choose to allow certain cookies to fire before the shopper grants or denies consent. Please select your desired default consent status before the user visitor provides a consent status. [What do these consent types mean?]


Typically, the default statuses will vary by your region and legal requirements if you have opt-in or opt-out requirements. Elevar does not offer legal advice regarding GDPR or any consent compliance. Please consult your legal team if unsure.

Publish Your Changes in GTM

Next Up: Assign Requirements for Client-Side and Server-Side Tracking

You've enabled consent and added CookieBot pre-built tag. Now you need to make your client side tags and server-side tracking consent aware. Follow these guides to complete the setup.