What Are Order Notes and Why Are They Added to Customer Orders?

Learn what the order notes data powers and how it improves tracking and attribution for your Shopify store

Learn more about order notes, how they are used, and how to hide from the frontend or shipping slips.


When this is enabled, then Elevar's data layer will automatically add the following parameters as additional notes on the order via the Shopify cart object.

  • _elevar**fbp
  • _elevar**ga
  • _elevar_visitor_info

If the user does not have any UTM parameters from their session then it might look like this:

And you also might see the UTM parameter data we store from landing page sessions here:


We're aware that some customers showcase order notes on the frontend of the store and/or on shipping labels printed for customers. See details at bottom of the article on how to hide (or disable).

How to Disable Order Notes

Simply uncheck the order notes box, then click "Save Configuration":

That's it. Your orders will no longer have this additional data appended. Note it may take a few minutes for the configurations changes to take effect.

What Are Order Notes Used For?

This is an evolving integration that we continue to update our server-side destinations expands. In short, here is what these are used for:

  1. Sending Google Analytics transactions via Shopify server-side notifications. This allows you to ensure near 100% of all order data and revenue from Shopify exist in Google Analytics and GA4.
  2. Click IDs (think fbclid, gclid, etc) and UTM parameters are stored by Elevar data layer and added to the order which can help improve attribution accuracy in your server-side destinations

Other Attribution FAQs

Q: What if the user clicks on one ad => goes to site but doesn't purchase => returns back to site from a different ad and completes purchase?

A: The utm parameters are always updated to the most recent version that is new & unique to that customer. So in this case your reports will utilize the UTM params from when the user returned back to the website.

Q: What features do I lose with Google Analytics server side conversion tracking?

A: You might see a drop in conversion attribution in your GA reports. We do have a backup mechanism that leverages some of the conversion data that Shopify has available for the user, however, the purchase session won't link back to the landing page session for the user. This could impact landing page or other funnel reports.

How To Hide Order Notes

Hide From Frontend of Store
Some brands display the order notes object in the My Account section. If this is you then your developer can hide Elevar's order notes from displaying.

Instructions for your developer:

If you can iterate over the notes collection wherever you are rendering this on the frontend, you can exclude any notes starting with our prefix "elevar".

How To Hide on Ship Station's Order Notes?

Check out Ship Station's Guide on Editing Order Details

OR you can use a custom task in Mechanic to read the attributes on every order and selectively remove the ones you don't want 15mins (depending on your preference) after the order has been created.

Here's the task created from Mechanic click here so you don't need to create one.