How To Test Facebook Conversion API Integration for Shopify Stores

Before going live, see how to test your server events in Facebook's Events Manager.

Step 1: Get Server Test Code

Head over to Facebook's Events Manager.

Select the Pixel you're setting up the Conversion API for

Select Test Events > Copy the test code located under Test Server Events.

Step 2: Enter your Test Code into your Elevar App

Head back to your Elevar App > navigate to My Tracking > Select Facebook

On the Overview step, select Enter Test Mode > enter the Test Code you copied during Step 1 > select Enter Test Mode

Step 3: Navigate Your Website like a Shopper

Then proceed to navigate your website and place a test order. You should see your server events displayed in Facebook similar to this:

It can take a few minutes before your test events appear here.

If you see the successful purchase event and the data is accurate then you are good to go!


Don't forget to disable Test Mode and publish your Facebook CAPI Integration after you're done testing!