How to Delete Shopper Data from Session Enrichment

Learn how to handle your Shopper Data Deletion requests


GDPR gives individuals the right to erasure, which means their personal records must be deleted. If you're using Elevar's Session Enrichment, you have two ways to delete your shopper records from Elevar's storage:

Delete Shopper Data Directly In Elevar

In your Elevar App, navigate to My Tracking > Session Enrichment

Click Data Management

Input the email address or phone number of the shopper > press Delete Records


The phone number must be formatted in the E164 format. Ex: +17177161111

Any records associated to that email or phone number are then deleted from Elevar's storage!

Delete Shopper Data in Shopify

If you use Shopify's Erase Personal Data Feature [Shopify Documentation], Shopify sends your Elevar app a notice to delete records associated with that shopper. Then Elevar will delete records associated with that shopper.