What Facebook CAPI Events and User Parameters Are Used In Server-Side Tracking?

Are you receiving city, state, country warnings inside Facebook Business Manager?

This is an evolving integration as we monitor Facebook's iOS changes closely. When launching the sitewide FB Conversion API events you should see additional event data, however it can come with warnings that might be concerning to you or your team.

This article outlines exactly what is sent with our integration with the FB Conversion API.


If you have warnings from Facebook on missing city, state, country in non-purchase events then please upgrade the FB conversion API template to the latest version.


These CAPI events all run in parallel with the pixel events and are deduplicated with an event ID data layer variable that we have in place. See Facebook docs for all standard events.

Enabled by default

  • ViewContent (aka Product Detail View)
  • AddToCart
  • InitiateCheckout
  • Purchase
  • Lead (aka email/sms signup)
  • Account

Also Available

  • Subscription (this enables a Purchase event for subscription purchases - like ReCharge)
  • Subscribe (this enables a Subscribe event for subscription purchases - like ReCharge. See Facebook documentation on this standard event)
  • Pageview
  • Search
  • CompleteRegistration
  • AddPaymentInfo
  • ViewItemCategory (aka Product List View)

The reason we don't enable all by default is to keep load down from your server side container.

User Parameter Data

Website events shared using the Conversions API require the following data parameters: client_user_agent, action_source and event_source_url which we enable by default.

We also send the following user parameter data when it's available, per Facebooks documentation

Parameter name
emhashed email address
external_idhashed user_id from Elevar's Data Layer - typically Shopify customer ID is currently used
ga_idthis is the GA cookie value set on all users
phhashed phone number
fnhashed customer first name
lnhashed customer last name
cthashed customer city - (if not available from customer we use AppEngine data)
sthashed customer state - (if not available from customer we use AppEngine data)
zphashed customer postal code
countryhashed customer country code - (if not available from customer we use AppEngine data)
valueorder values as defined by revenue, subtotal, or product subtotal
contentsan array of product data ex: [{"id":"9005846987058","name":"The Collection Snowboard: Liquid","content_category":"snowboards","item_price":"749.95","quantity":"1"}]
content_idsproduct identifier selected, this could be product ID, SKU, or Variant ID
order_idorder ID
fbpbrowser ID
fbcFacebook click id - only available when user has followed a FB click ID
client_ip_addressclient IP address
client_user_agentclient user agent
customer_typenew or returning based on order count

In general for non-purchase events you should expect to see:

  • IP
  • User Agent
  • fbp
  • city
  • state
  • country

And then smaller %'s for the remainder of values.

Purchase events typically have a much higher match rate.

This is a pretty common event match quality expectation:

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