What Events does Elevar Track?

Elevar tracks standard ecommerce funnel events

The following events are tracked by Elevar:

Event NameDescription
PageviewUser viewed a page
Product List ViewUser viewed a collection page
Product ClickedUser clicked on a product within a product list
Search Page ViewUser viewed a search results page
Product Add to CartUser added a product to cart
Product Removed from CartUser removed a product from cart
Cart ViewedUser viewed the /cart page
Begin CheckoutUser started a checkout*
Add Shipping InfoUser entered shipping info*
Add Payment InfoUser entered payment info*
PurchaseUser has placed an order
Account CreatedUser created an account
LoginUser logged into their account
Email/SMS Sign UpUser signed up for email or SMS [Learn more]

* some checkout events are not available for express checkouts

Can I Track Custom Events

If you don't see a desired event that you're looking to track above, you are able to track custom events client-side via Google Tag Manager.

You can use our GTM Event Builder to track custom click or interaction events and send them to GA4.

Or if you're looking to send custom events to a marketing destination like Facebook for example, you can use that destination's documentation on how to send custom events. With our Facebook example, here's Facebook's documentation on tracking custom events.

We cannot send custom events server-side at this time.