How to Prepare Your Elevar Integration Prior to Upgrading to Shopify's Checkout Extensibility

Shopify's Checkout Extensibility offers many new features for merchants to take advantage of. This does, however, affect your tracking.


Shopify's Checkout Extensibility provides numerous new features for merchants to leverage. However, it's important to note that this may impact your tracking methods. Shopify is phasing out the ability to utilize the checkout.liquid and Order Status Page code for loading your checkout tracking. When transitioning to Checkout Extensibility, it's advised to migrate your checkout code to Shopify's new Customer Events setting.

This guide covers the steps you need to take to update your tracking through Elevar to be compatible with checkout extensibility, if you are looking for how to enable checkout extensibility please review Shopify's upgrade guide.

Confirm Your Shopify Source Is Up To Date

Elevar's latest updates for Shopify Source utilize the Customer Events setting for loading checkout tracking. To ensure compatibility between your Elevar tracking and Shopify's Checkout Extensibility, simply ensure that your Shopify Source in Elevar is up to date!

Access Shopify Source:

  • Begin on your Elevar homepage and use the left-hand menu to click on the "My Tracking" tab.
  • Navigate to the section of the page titled "Sources" and locate your Shopify Source.

Up to Date Shopify Source:

  • If your Shopify source is up to date, then you will only see the "Detected on Live Theme" message on the source card.
    • (See Figure 1)

Step 1 screenshot

_Figure 1_

Update Available Shopify Source:

  • If you need to update your Shopify source, then you will see the "Update Available" message on the source card.
    • If you see a notice to update your Shopify Source, then please follow our guide to upgrade.
    • (See Figure 2)

Step 1 screenshot

_Figure 2_

That's it!