How to Enable New & Returning Customer Purchase Events

Send separate events for new and returning customer purchases


Some Elevar clients want to optimize Meta for new or returning customer purchases. We've made doing this easy by enabling you to send 2 new events, in parallel to your standard purchase event, to Meta. In order to activate one or both of these new events, follow the instructions below.

Enable Returning & New Customer Purchase Events In the Elevar App

In your Elevar App, go to "My Tracking" and select the Facebook destination card. If you see a warning that a data layer update is required, you'll need to complete this update before you can enable these events. If you need help with updating your data layer please reach out to [email protected]

Go to the Events Step and select either the "New Customer Purchase", "Returning Customer Purchase" or both, then click Save.

Understanding the new events in Meta's Events Manager

The newly enabled events will show in Meta's Events Manager as "PurchaseNewCustomer" and "PurchaseExistingCustomer". Please note that you may not see these events immediately. They will be sent prospectively, so wait until you've received a purchase event before you validate the presence of the events.

Next Steps

You can now use the new events for optimization on Meta.