How to Set Up Action-Based Checkout Funnel Events

Non-plus merchant looking to track checkout funnel events? Plus merchant looking to mitigate data loss when moving to Checkout Extensibility? Follow these steps!

Step 1: Enabled Action-Based Checkout Tracking

In each destination you've setup in Elevar, navigate to Events > Event Breakdown > Ensure that your desired checkout funnel events are selected in the server column

Then under Event Tracking Customization, ensure that you enabled the Use checkout related actions as the trigger for checkout funnel events option.

Be sure to save your changes!


Action Based Checkout Events are not available for preview in Google Tag Manager (GTM)

When using action based checkout events the data is sent to your destination via API from webhook trigger within Shopify. This does not pass data client side in the browser so you are not able to preview in GTM like you would with client side tags.

BONUS: Follow for Site Speed Enhancements

For GA4 & UA (because they don't deduplicate data like Facebook & TikTok do), delete the checkout funnel events from your GTM Web Container.

This will also help reduce the size of the GTM container loading on your website, which will help with site speed!