How Does Elevar Work with Postscripts?

Learn about Postscripts and how it works with Elevar


Using server-side tracking in conjunction with your existing client side Postscript tracking will allow you to collect additional information with our identity solution and session enrichment.

You can expect to improve your abandonment flows and identify abandoners that your client-side tracking misses due to cookie limitations!

This blog article is focused on Klaviyo, but the concepts and wins can be applied to your postscript flows to observe improved performance and unlock this secret weapon!

Events Elevar Sends:

Once you've set up your Postscript Side Tracking, you'll be sending the following server-side events to Postscript:

Event Name Elevar SendsEquivalent Postscript Event
Elevar - elevar_add_to_cartProduct Added to Cart
Elevar - elevar_begin_checkoutCheckout Started
Elevar - elevar_view_itemSubscriber Viewed Product
Elevar - elevar_page_viewThere is no Postscript equivalent. This allows you to do site abandonment campaigns.
Elevar - elevar_view_item_listThere is no Postscript equivalent. This allows you to do collection abandonment campaigns.
Elevar - elevar_purchaseOrder Created