Why do I have a low Facebook Click ID (fbc)?


You may see events with a low percentage of Facebook Click IDs in your Facebook Events Manager:

The good news is that it is normal to see a less than 100% value for the Click ID!

What is a Facebook Click ID

When a shopper clicks on a Facebook Ad, Facebook adds a click id (fbclid) parameter to that url. This unique identifier is how Facebook can then connect actions on a website back to the original click in Facebook. [Meta Documentation]

Why don't 100% of my events include a Click ID

Because not all of your traffic comes from Facebook ads.

If your shoppers find your website by googling a keyword or typing your website directly into their browser, because these people never interacted with a Facebook Ad, they won't have a Facebook Click ID to send.

And because Facebook wants ALL website events to be sent to them (even the ones where Facebook didn't interact with the shopper) this is why you will have events be sent to Facebook with no Click ID value.

So a low Facebook Click ID rate simply means that only X% of your purchasers interacted with a Facebook Ad.

Merchants who have a larger diversification of marketing channels will expect to see a lower Facebook Click ID, as they'll have a larger pool of shoppers who never interacted with a Facebook Ad.

Merchants who only use Facebook Ads for marketing, are likely to have a higher percentage of Click IDs.