How to Set Up Pinterest Pixel Tracking via Google Tag Manager


The Pinterest Sales Channel does not allow you to separate use of the Catalog vs the Pixel in the app. You can either use another software for your Pinterest Feed Management like GoDataFeed or continue to use the native app for your Pinterest Pixel tracking.


Step 1: Download Container for GTM

Inside of your Elevar account, go to Pre Built Tags > Pinterest.

Update your Pinterest pixel ID in the tag settings shown below.

Download the container and save to your computer.

Step 2: Import Container to GTM

Next up, go to your Google Tag Manager Account container > Admin > Import.

Be sure to select Merge container, not overwrite.

Once you’ve imported, verify your Pixel ID variable is accurate.

Step 3: [Optional] QA the new tags with Google Tag Manager's Preview Mode

Follow our guide to QA your tags in Google Tag Manager (GTM) preview mode.