Implementing the Non-Shopify Subdomain Source

How to install our attribution tracking for non-shopify landing pages and headless sites


If you have non-Shopify subdomain pages you'll need to set up this source if you want to capture attribution data for your shoppers' entire journey.

Examples of Non-Shopify pages are WordPress blogs, third-party landing pages, or a headless website.

For instance, let's say you're running Facebook Ads to a WordPress blog post. At the bottom of the blog post is a link to a product page. If a user clicks through a Facebook Ad > navigates from the Wordpress site to the Shopify Site > and ultimately makes a purchase; you want know that that purchase came from Facebook, not the blog.

Here's how you can accomplish that:


Warning: This works for subdomains only (e.g. & This won't work when using different domains (e.g. & This also works for Elevar's Fully Managed Server Only.


You have the Shopify source installed. If you haven't installed yet, follow this guide: How to Implement the Shopify Source on Your Shopify Store

Get Started

Navigate to My Tracking in your Elevar App.

You'll see one of two views depending on where you are in the onboarding flow.

View if you have not completed setting up all your sources

If you see this view, select Yes. Proceed to Overview

View if you have completed setting up all your sources

If you see this view, select + Add Non-Shopify Subdomains . Proceed to Overview


Click Get Started


If you have a headless site, you will still need to build the custom data layer

Headless Documentation

Domain Details

Enter your domain details, and click Save & Continue

Prepare Your Pages

Follow the instructsions as provided. Once completed click the Mark as Complete button to proceed.

That's it! You are all set!