Shopify's Thank You & Order Status Page Extensibility FAQ


As of November 7th, 2023, Shopify released it's new Thank You and Order Status page checkout extensibility for Shopify Plus Merchants only. [Shopify Changelog]

The value of enabling this setting is you'll be able to utilize Apps that use this feature (e.g. Shopify's new Subscription & Bundle apps) or potentially features within certain apps.

However, if you enable this setting, it will have several impacts on your tracking:

  • Any tracking in your checkout.liquid will no longer fire on your Thank You/Order Status pages
  • Any tracking in your Order Status Page additional scripts will no longer fire on your Thank You/Order Status pages
  • Any apps using Shopify's ScriptTag will no longer work as intended.

I'm on Checkout Extensibility - What does this mean for me?

If you aren't using any compatible apps for the short term, you're good to keep this disabled & leave your tracking as is! To double check that this setting is disabled for your store, make sure your Checkout Settings match the below:

If you are using apps that require you enable Thank You Extensibility, you can remove your Elevar code from the Order Status Page Additional Scripts box and use Elevar's Custom Pixel code instead:


Warning - due to the limitations of Shopify's web pixel, if you require any of the following, we would advise you not to use the Custom Pixel Code:

  1. If you require sending new vs returning user data to your client-side destinations, you shouldn't use the beta. This type of data is especially important to affiliate integrations.
    1. Why? Shopify's OrdersCount parameter in the Web Pixel (which is used to identify new vs returning purchasers) will only populate a value if the shopper is logged in to their account. For most websites, fewer than 5% of traffic is logged into their account.
    2. Upgrade your app (instructions) to prevent this limitation from affecting your server-side tracking.
  2. If you require triggering events in GTM based on if the purchased products are One Time vs Subscription Products with unified checkouts, then you shouldn't use the beta.
    1. Why? The Web Pixel loads tracking in an iframe, which means it cannot touch the DOM of the page. The logic cited above requires the tracking to scape the DOM of the page. In addition, the Web Pixel events do not pass any identifiers that share if the purchased product is a subscription vs one time product.

I'm not on Checkout Extensibility - What does this mean for me?

If you're not on Checkout Extensibility and don't plan to upgrade to it - no changes are necessary to your current setup to continue tracking client events on the checkout.

If you're not on Checkout Extensibility and are planning to upgrade to it, you can follow our upgrade guide. You'll want to ensure your setup does not have the Thank You and Order Status option checked to prevent any client side/browser side outages. Your Checkout Extensibility settings should look like this when complete:

However, if you do require upgrading the Thank You pages to Extensibility, please ask our Support Team about getting on our Custom Pixels Developer Beta, which uses Shopify's new Web Pixel instead of their Order Status Page Scripts.