How to Install the Elevar App in your Shopify Store

In order to setup your data layer & tracking, you'll need to install the Elevar App in your Shopify Store

Step 1: Add the Elevar App in Shopify

Click Here to be taken to the Elevar App on Shopify's App Store > Then click Add app.

You'll be redirected to an install page in Shopify. Select Install app.

Step 2: Select your existing Elevar Website or create a new one

You'll be redirected to Elevar > If you've already created an Elevar account, select your existing Elevar Website & press continue to connect it.

Or if you haven't created an Elevar Website yet, select New Website > Continue.

Step 3: You're Connected!

You've now connected your Shopify Store to Elevar.


If you go to the Elevar App in the Shopify App store and see that it already says "App Installed", follow the below steps:

  1. Click through the installed app to be automatically logged into the connected Elevar Account. Purchase a subscription on this Elevar Account. And then cancel the subscription of the unconnected Elevar Account if you've already purchased one.
  2. Reach out to Elevar Support at [email protected] and ask the Support Specialist to change the connected Elevar Account to your newly created account!