Why Are Web Tags Paused After Setting Up A Destination?

Learn why you'll see paused web tags in to your Google Tag Manager account after setting up a Destination in your My Tracking Page


After setting up a destination in Elevar, you may notice paused tags in your Google Tag Manager account like below:

In this article, we'll review:

Why are there paused tags in GTM?

Here's how our destinations work: any web event that is disabled is uploaded as a paused GTM tag.

Why? This is because if you were to have an event enabled > then disabled it in your Elevar app > the only way we'd be able to ensure that the event would stop being tracked is to upload a paused version of this tag.

Can I delete these tags?

Absolutely! There is no harm in deleting these tags.

If you want to start tracking these events in the future, you can enable the web events in Elevar, re-download the web container, and publish the updates.