How To Setup Google Ads Enhanced Conversions Tracking

Google Ads has a new configuration to enable you to pass advanced matching customer information with transactions. Learn how to set this up.


Google Ads has a new advanced matching feature to help better match conversions with clicks (or views).

You might see a recommendation in your Google Ads account like this:

Scenario: Client-Side via Google Tag Manager

Step 1: Enable Enhanced Conversions in Google Ads

Log into your Google Ads account.

Select Tools & Settings > Conversions

Select the Purchase Conversion Action that you'd like to enable Enhanced Conversions on.


Note: Enhanced Conversions can only be enabled when the Conversion Source is Website.

Select the Enhanced Conversions Settings

Select the checkmark next to Turn on enhanced conversions > Click Global site tag or Google Tag Manager > Click Next

Add in your website URL & click Click URL

Google will then display that the Tag Type is Google Tag Manager. Press Save to save this configuration in Google Ads.


Is the Tag Type appearing as Global Site Tag?


This means Google is detecting that your Google Ads tracking is setup via hard coded script rather than Google Tag Manager. If this is the case, you can transition the tracking to Google Tag Manager" target="_blank"> or follow these instructions instead.

Step 2: Update GTM Tags to send Enhanced Conversion Data

Log into your Google Tag Manager Account > Select your GTM Container.

Navigate to Tags > Search for Google Ads

Select your Google Ads Conversion - Purchase Tag

Check the box next to Include user-provided data from your website > In the dropdown that appears, select the variable titled Enhanced Conversion Data.


Don't see the Include user-provided data from your website option?

Google shares that it can take up to 5 days for this feature to be unlocked in your GTM container after enabling in Google Ads. If the feature is still not showing in GTM then you'll need to contact the Google Team to whitelist your GTM account. We've found good success in emailing: [email protected]

Don't see the Enhanced Conversion Data variable?

Please import the latest version of our Pre-Built Google Ads Tags!

Select Save to save your changes to the tag

Select Submit

Then click Publish to make the changes go live.

That's it!