What is Server-Side Tracking?


When Google released their new Google Tag Manager server-side container August, 2020, we were the first company to build a solution that allowed Shopify stores to leverage this new technology.

Since then, we have learned a tremendous amount about the pro's and con's to using a GTM server side container.

In 2021, we began piloting our own server-side tracking setup, initially named "Fully Managed," which implied that all server management, scaling, billing, etc., was handled for you.

We also started asking customers during onboarding what they wanted: to manage their own GTM Server-Side container or utilize Elevar.

Benifits of Server-Side Tracking

It became clear to us that more brands did not want to bother, or don't have the technical bandwidth, with managing their own GTM server-side container that requires:

  • Keeping up with Google Cloud version instances & scaling
  • Billing management (this alone caused major outages in August due to a policy change with limited notice to customers)
  • Error log troubleshooting
  • Manual client and template uploads into GTM to keep up with the latest integration requirements

So we are excited to announce Elevar's Server-Side tracking that is now available to all customers on our Starter, Essentials, Growth, and Business plans that are now live in your dashboard.

Due to limitations, we have seen with clients managing their own GTM Server-Side container, we strongly recommend using Elevar's Fully managed solution.

A big part of this transition is building out what we call Sources and Destinations to power the foundation of your integrations.


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